Feb 7, 2011

Is it February already?

More Makoto, I haven't touched this since I started my projects. I'm going to try and finish it.
Where to begin, I feel like its been an eternity since I last updated.

So here's the short list...
1. Been pretty busy with amazing client projects, which are done, which means money. 
2. Got a new monitor which is AMAZING, I can see everything now!! So much more clarity! 
3. Broke my favorite Wacom pen lead, which was a minor set back. 
4. Worked on my Mega Man tribute piece, stayed up a lot of nights working on it thankfully finished on time.
5. Re-designed my website! Still a bit to go, but it's almost done. Exciting!!

...and that's about it. Ha, well, I have a short break I should concentrate on my comic and other artwork.
OH! I've also been messing around with a new story idea. I'll share that with you all another time, but now it's bed time!


1 comment:

ALECHO said...

Wow, great artwork! Looks like life is keeping you busy (in a good way, with projects and all), but sure hope to see more of your works in the near future! :)