Jul 27, 2010

Rain - Animatic

Probably my final upload for the night.

An original animation short idea I had a couple years ago, before graduating from college. I decided to finally post it. I've been neglecting to do it because, I too suffer from, "I don't think I'm good enough" Syndrome. Though I somewhat hide it well. You could kind of say it was my brain child and it introduced one of my favorite characters. But finally, it'll finally see light of day. Hopefully soon!

New Animations

Updated my YouTube page today.
I added a couple of videos, one is a simple run cycle. Which was created in Flash with assets created in Photoshop.

The other, which is bellow is another client animation which I can't say the name off, but I was allowed to post a short example from it. All I can say is that, "This animation was for a very important client." Which is kinda silly, but I really don't want to get into any problems. This one was a ton of fun, probably one of my favorite.

I've got more to post, and I'm going to be working on getting my website up tonight!
Hopefully, I don't have to go to sleep too late!

Jul 23, 2010

Blue hair

"...You gotta have Blue Hair!" - Strong Bad

A quick dump before work. Almost there, just gonna work on her skin.
Jael is coming out well, I'm pretty pleased!

Jul 20, 2010

Dominated! ver. 2

Since I was on a roll with the last comic. Enjoy!

Someone start up the rofl-copter!
Here is the inspiration:

Jul 18, 2010


A quick upload, I'll have more for tomorrow. Good Night~

Jul 12, 2010

Wrench-a-tize me Captain!

Decided to finish it in Black & White, I'll consider coloring it later, when I get rolling on my comic.
Over all, its looks pretty good. I like her custom made giant monkey wrench. She's got big things to build, really big things.

Jul 6, 2010

Timed Lines

Todays post, I was trying to time myself on getting her lines done within thirty minutes.
I feel pretty satisfied with the way she looks. I've gone through a lot of design changes with her like Mika.
I think the wrench in her right hand is better than her not having anything... opinions?
It's wrench time!

Jul 5, 2010

A girl cannot have to many wrenches

Especially this one!

Here's a little sketch of Jael Rodriguez, Mika's long time friend. She is, a mechanic by trade and loves tinkering in her spare time. Her lifetime goal is to become an engineer and help people. Did I say she loves wrenches?

This will probably be my last journal for the week. I've got a big load of work to do. I'll probably upload more sketches during the week. Please don't be afraid to leave a comment, I do like to hear what's on your mind!

Also, Happy 4th of July! :D

Jul 2, 2010


Good news everyone, according to my calendar its July!
You know what that means?! It's Summer!! HU-ZAAAHHH!!

It's time to draw me some nice summer pictures, hopefully that'll inspire the sun to pop-up around here. Though I really don't mind the weather right now. I just don't want that crazy 90 degree sun that we get during August with its intense burning and sizzling sensation that comes with it.

As long as its 75 - 80 degrees, I'm good!

July comes with a new drawing. I've been so busy with my other projects that I wanted to draw something of my own. So here's Mika grooving and movin'. She loves music so much that she'll break out and dance no matter where she is. What could she be listening to? I'll let the audience handle that one.