Jan 13, 2011

"No one beats Rindo-kan Karate!"

It's time for everyone's Karate-ka, Makoto!
She's a tough cookie! She can make her scarf thingie flap in the air!

Been on a Street Fighter high for some time. I really like Makoto, she's a pretty awesome character and not dainty at all! Coming from a martial arts background myself, they did a good job getting that aspect right about her. It's all in the stance and balance, no wonder she's so slow. I also had no idea she actually punches below the belt, I thought that was something they just did for Super Street Fighter 4. My respects! I'll probably color these soon, I like how they turned out, especially the bottom one.

Decided to take a lunch break and paint, now for some food and work.
Edit: I couldn't help it! Had to start it at least!

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