May 27, 2010

Spruce Cola

"'s the refreshment of champions!"

Mika advertises my friend's character's soda drink. SPRUCE COLA!

In other news, I got my e-mail account hacked! Whoo-hoo! So I'm trying to fix the problem, if any of you get an e-mail by me by accident, please delete it. It's probably from those badniks, apparently one of my friends told me it was about free Canadian Health Insurance. Anyways, peace out dudes!



DKIRBYJ said...

Wow, this is great! :D

The suit has a very active feel and the boots are awesomely big.
And of course, I love the large hand-scarf thing.
The colors are also very cool.

What a good job!

deanna davies said...

yay alphonso!