May 28, 2010

It's Noir~

Good news from the world of ALO!

I'm very excited!
I went to check my e-mail, and got a very good surprise.

Apparently the animation thru Lilipip I did got reviewed by a local company.
This is there review of two of my company's videos. Mine is the second one.

Here's the review:
"Second is a video for Adobe's eLearning Suite 2. Another great video and one that highlights a different visual style and script. This script is more oriented for elearning pros vs. the mass market, so it's a bit more technical. What I really like is the visual animation style. Notice how color is used to highlight the product in a mostly gray video. It also has a noir feel and matching music that gives it style. Good stuff."

Here's the video, if anyone hasn't seen it.

This was a very exciting and a great opener to my day!
Welp, stay cool cucumbers!

Until next time~


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