Mar 18, 2012

Sketch-a-roo Bugaloo

Been really busy recently, so I really haven't been able to upload much of what I've done.
Here are some sketches I've worked on for the last couple of weeks.

Some sketches inspired by my Mexican heritage, and my obsession with Aztec mythology.
So far the main character's name (cener) is Flor and that friendly little guy to her left is Quetzalcoatl! The people to her right are some extra people, mostly school chums.

Somewhat inspired by music, this girls name is Note. She is a Sound Hunter.
Her main weapon of choice are her quarter note hammers. Really need to develop her world out more.

Finishing the post off with some production work for my personal project.
Going to start storyboarding soon, I'll post them up here as I finish them.


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