Jul 10, 2011

Sketches - Mexico trip part 1

Some terribly taken sketches from my iPhone.
I'm really looking forward to converting them into digital art.

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c8631a26-b718-11e0-bf15-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Is that Toni-chan?! Yay! She is looking as cute as ever. I love her happy expression. X3

The Tofu-Bot cracks me up. I love his goofy expression.

The Mika pic looks great. I love the pose, and her figure looks great, and there's a good sense of movement in the sketch. You really get the sense that she's flying or leaping, and the way the creature is latched onto her scarf, you get a sense of how fast they're going, too. I really am impressed with her figure there, and I think her expression is way cute, too. :3

Ms. Rabbot looks good here, but I think the cleaned up lineart on dA really improved on it.

It cracks me up that the cookie dough monster is controlled by a little girl...but I like how you gave her such a villainous look and personality, even though she mostly looks like a normal girl. Cute.

Good stuff, my mechaman!