Oct 14, 2010

Tough Tomboy

Kumatora from Mother 3 holding a PK Freeze.
This originally was suppose to be part of a larger image, it got to complected and it fell apart at the very end. So with what strength I had left decided to put this together, even though its not the FULL piece it still shows the main focus which is Kumatora. Which I highly enjoyed working on, especially the painting part since I was working in Lab mode in Photoshop. It was a learning experience and thought it came out well!

If you haven't play Mother 3, its a great game and recommend it to all!

In other news, I've been doing some traditional art, so sketching, inking and even marker work. Somewhat thanks to Nami since she does some really cute artwork and is a traditional gal, she is an inspiration to get back into what I use to love. I'll be applying that to a couple of commissions I'm working on for a friend. I'll post it soon-ish!

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