Aug 14, 2010

Dry Dry Desert

Concept Desert finished.

Desert without little creature... wha?!
I started doing some concept art this week for my comic.
Though Mika's story (aka the girl with the scarf) takes place in a technology based urban city, I wanted to explore the more arid areas like this man made desert. Which is just beyond the school where Mika and her friends attend and her first big boss battle.

Mika vs. Bobomic the Beast Droid
I made another version with them in it. Just to show the size comparison, yeah he's huge. Really huge.
Anyways, I'm really happy the way this turned out, and I'll have more on the way.... after my interview on Monday!



Glows said...

wow that looks awesome! :D gl on your interview!

Stephanie Pecina said...

Awesome!! Your soo it