Jul 2, 2010


Good news everyone, according to my calendar its July!
You know what that means?! It's Summer!! HU-ZAAAHHH!!

It's time to draw me some nice summer pictures, hopefully that'll inspire the sun to pop-up around here. Though I really don't mind the weather right now. I just don't want that crazy 90 degree sun that we get during August with its intense burning and sizzling sensation that comes with it.

As long as its 75 - 80 degrees, I'm good!

July comes with a new drawing. I've been so busy with my other projects that I wanted to draw something of my own. So here's Mika grooving and movin'. She loves music so much that she'll break out and dance no matter where she is. What could she be listening to? I'll let the audience handle that one.

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