Aug 5, 2009

Broken scanner.. plus art!

So, apparently my scanner decided to stop working, and its partially my fault. I accidentally grabbed the wrong power cord for it and fried it. So now I need to go get a new one, in the mean time, I'm using my 2 in 1 printer, scanner thing. Thank God I still have that, I need to save up for a new one now...

Part of a colab with a fellow artist! There will be more later~

Request from a friend, I originaly though she just
wanted a "Cookie Dough Monster" but apparently I was
drawing her Boyfriend. I'm glad they both liked it!

Request from my friend Bill, it's his character Hivehead as I would draw him!

My character Jael Rodriguez, still working on it. But it's going in a very good direction! If you hadn't noticed, that's her signature wrench! She loves tinkerin'!

Final rendering of my Octo-chomper!

Went to the zoo with friends and these are probably my sketches.
That kookaburra was one awesome customer, such a good model!


Alex Pelayre said...

my scanner is built into my printer. it's not that great :(

Matiin Kallia said...

Your character reminds me of myself - long hair, skinny, glasses & all! Lol My name is actually Jael Rodriguez - no middle name. Lol.

ALO said...

That's pretty awesome! :D